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    Learn neuroscience in business and the existence of five brains (5 brains)

    5 BRAINS

    Importance for the business leader

    Managers have to use all 5 brains in their daily work: the rational brain to set strategies; the emotional ones to empathize and deal with people; the gut brain to take risks.

    More than 50% of information comes through our emotional and gut brains.

    Effective managers train themselves in decoding this information helping them to make better decisions.

    It is challenging enough to understand the intricacies of one brain. In fact neuroscientists would argue that we have 5 brains. Let’s take into consideration a few factors:

    BRAIN ONE - Certainly the one inside our skull integrating all of its functions.

    BRAIN TWO - if we take into consideration the division of right and left brain:

    • the right defined as the base of our “holistic thinking”
    • the left defined as the source of our “linear thinking”

    BRAIN THREE - Here we might consider the evolutionary description of our brain:

    • The most primitive --our reptilian brain in charge of basic functions including sustenance, survival, sex, safety.
    • The emotional brain -- where our emotions mainly live, still the driver of our behaviour most of our lives.
    • And the rational brain, where our learning functions reside. This one labels us as human beings.


    • The latest research into the heart shows that our heart has neurons, the very same cells that those in the brain!Through further ongoing research, it seems our heart sends orders to the big brain as well. “What does your heart tell you? is not just a poetic sentence anymore

    BRAIN FIVE - “Gut feelings”

    • We now have enough information that reveals that our gut has as many neurons as there are in our whole spinal cord.
    • Plus the gut is our main source of serotonin, one of the key ingredients for happiness.

    Behaviour and Brain Connections

    Are Behaviour Centres and Networks in the Brain Interconnected? What is the result? How might that affect individuals and teams in business?

How brain works : Mirror neurons in the brain drive human evolution. At Optimum Talent's Neuroleadership centre for business learn Neuroscience Toronto, Neuroscience Montreal, Neuroscience Ottawa

One of the most outstanding discoveries about the brain was the presence of a group of neurons called Mirror Neurons. These brain cells allow us to copy the behaviours of others.

Mirror Neurons were and are one of the main drivers of human evolution. Metaphorically they are also defined as “the neural wifi”. These neurons are responsible for our capacity to connect with each other. In addition, they are involved in what we call Empathy.

Empathy and Violence ironically, have similar circuits in the brain.

Team members mentally mimic their leader´s actions, emotions, and intentions. It´s about TRUST. Encouraging empathy has an inhibiting effect on violence (bullying effect). To be able to make the right business decisions, to engage a team in tasks, and to align the company toward the same goal, one needs to be able to connect emotionally with others.

Empathy is a fact – and engagement through empathy produces results

But you can suppress that behaviour and use Fear instead

Fear triggers a defensive mode - The flight/freeze/fight response

In effect: I will do minimal actions to avoid punishment; my goal is not to reach the best results, it is to avoid punishment

Empathetic and Analytic Thinking Challenge

To some extent, these are mutually exclusive in the brain. When the brain fires up the network of neurons that allows us to empathize, the brain suppresses the network used for analysis

It is important to understand this network affect, and to learn how to balance the level of empathy while sustaining an effective analytical approach