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MONTREAL, Quebec (May 29, 2014) – Optimum Talent is proud to introduce its new Leadership Neuromanagement Centre for Business featuring Dr. Carlos Davidovich, providing the latest tools from neuroscience to the business world. At the Centre you can obtain valuable insights on how your brain works, what that means for your behaviour and apply this learning in your business dealings. Be the first informed on the 5 brains, “mirror neurons and empathy” and models using social parameters.

Under our gateway approach, we provide insights, articles and links for better understanding of Neuromanagement. Through practical workshops, presentations and videos that have been piloted with many of our clients and received excellent feedback, we offer fresh ideas for dealing with different circumstances that leaders might encounter in order to encourage learning and action often when dealing with change. Our goal is to help business people:

  • Drive business results by making better and faster decisions;
  • Connect in a more meaningful way with colleagues, clients, suppliers;
  • Train themselves to increase self control under stressful situations;
  • Lead change that overcomes internal resistance; and
  • Support Human Resources professionals in all their daily endeavours.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will answer all your inquiries about this evolving science, which is helping more and more organizations find the best talent development solutions for better organizational performance.

Visit our new Neuromanagement Centre for Business.

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