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Title Our services at Optimum Talent, experts in organizational psychology Toronto and organizational development Toronto

Talent Management

  • Skills assessment from our industrial psychologists for:
    • Selection, Promotion or Succession Management;
    • Development, Career Transition, or Reintegration.
  • Skills Development Plan;
  • Provide training and coaching in the development of leaderships skills
  • Welcome and Job Integration Plan

Group Management

  • Team Consolidation (Team Building)
  • Conflict Management

Organization Management

  • Strategy
    • Organizational Evaluation;
    • Organizational Surveys;
    • Strategic assessments and advice to management.
  • Workplace Psychology
    • Change management at the individual level;
    • Organizational structure and design; roles and responsibilities;
    • Skills profile development;
    • Provide support to selection process.
  • Support to Management
    • Develop policies, programs, processes and human resource management tools;
    • Succession management and business ownership transfer;
    • Due diligent talent reviews in the context of mergers and acquisitions;
    • Investigations and prevention with regard to psychological workplace harassment.

Title Client Benefits. Optimum Talent's industrial psychologist Toronto, work psychologist Toronto and organizational psychologist Toronto optimizing organizational performance and organizational development Toronto

  • Customized interventions aimed at optimizing organizational performance
  • Expertise in psychological assessments
  • Problemsolving capacity for complex issues
  • Develop the full potential of managers and professionals
  • Clear understanding of both organizational and human issues in the workplace
  • Support organizations in retaining and attracting new talent