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June 21 | Reinventing Performance Management - Patricia Salverda and Amanda MacKenzie - Deloitte

Optimum Talent invites you to meet two pioneers at Deloitte, Patricia Salverda & Amanda MacKenzie, who are managing a revolutionary project that takes on reinventing performance management. They will share this incredible journey and the story behind this newfound approach to Performance Management.




June 2 - Employment Termination - A Mock Trial Learning Experience | Scott CLean, Margaret McDonald and Catherine P. Coulter

Senior Executives and Human Resources Professionals alike can benefit from knowing what to expect if a termination goes wrong... Here is a unique opportunity for you, or someone in your organization to see what can actually happen should you need to go to court! Using a mock trial approach, this presentation will highlight the process that is followed at trial and allows attendees to experience the difficult issues that can arise. The format allows for the opportunity to combine discussion of these issues with a real life situation.