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Our Services in Career management Toronto and career management montreal including the best carer discussion, the best retirement planning and the best relocation of spouse for the best organizational development

Career Compass

Career Compass is an internally focused, group career management program that allows employees to direct and grow their career with your organization for professional success. This six-step program combines assessments, workshops and individual meetings, enabling employees to develop and achieve clear career goals and a personalized action plan.

Career Discussion

Designed for supervisors and managers, the Preparing Career Conversations Workshop promotes an understanding of the issues and concerns that employees may have in regards to their present career, how to plan for internal growth and determine the best approach/actions to support their goals and improve work potential.

Career Strategy

Designed for executives who find themselves at a career crossroads within their current organization, Career Strategy provides a complete career assessment, specifically developed to optimize the performance of key individuals and solidify the employee/employer relationship.

Retirement Planning

This program helps individuals develop a realistic view of retirement and encourages thoughtful consideration of the lifestyle and financial implications associated with it. The program can be offered one-to-one, in workshop format, or as a combination.

Spousal Relocation

Hiring top talent, or motivating top talent to relocate, often implies moving a dual career couple. In order to successfully retain relocated employees it is critical that your organization address the impact of relocation on the spouses/partner’s career goals. Our spousal relocation program is designed to help you develop an inclusive, results-oriented relocation program.

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