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We are also available to provide behavioural neuroscience consultations to individuals, team, or the whole organization:

Corporate Topics of Interest - The So What? Now What?

Dealing with Difficult Situations

  • Stress or distress: this is the dilemma.
  • How to deal with difficult people: basic personality styles and the less attractive ways they manifest themselves. A Manual to Manage these Styles.
  • The Brain in the Career Transition Process: why OTI career transition programs are so important in the lives of our service clients´?
  • Change Management: brain barriers to changes and how to overcome them.
Creativity and Marketing
  • Neuromarketing: why we buy? How we make decisions? What I say is not what I want!
  • Creativity & Innovation: where are they in our brain? How can we find the key to creativity or how to make it?
Building Productivity
  • Feedback: How to build a productive feedback culture in the organization?
  • Positive attitude & happiness: are they on the same page? A cliché or the most powerful engine for productivity?
  • Women in Business: brain & gender. Are Mars & Venus in the same solar system?
General Concepts
  • Social Parameters of Influence: SCARF model
  • Understanding Neuromanagement